About the band

Maybe Ceilidh is a loose bunch of musicians, on the loose across the South West and ready to let loose some toe-tapping tunes. We're available for weddings, parties and events, and our mission is to bring the fun into ceilidh dancing!

Maybe Ceilidh is led by caller Karen Woods. Originally from County Antrim, Karen has been involved in traditional Irish music and dance since childhood. She plays and teaches the wooden flute, whistle and bodhran, and is highly in demand as a caller for ceilidhs across the South West. Karen brings a warm and welcoming smile and a well-developed sense of mischief, and is guaranteed to get everyone in the room dancing and enjoying the party.

Joe Evans has been playing the accordion for over twenty years, as his neighbours would be all too willing to tell you. During that time he has worked with the award-winning Cardiff-based theatre company Year of the Bear; gigged extensively with violinist John Guzek as The Guzek Trio; and recorded music for film and television including ITV's 'The Durrells'. He also plays electric bass and double bass.

A ceili (Irish spelling) or ceilidh (Scottish), as Wikipedia says:

involves dancing and playing Gaelic folk music, either at a house party or a larger concert at a social hall or other community gathering place.

That's the theory... In practice, a caller teaches a dance, the band strikes up a lively tune and everyone dances, laughs, bumps into one another and generally has a great time, while the caller talks you through the moves and keeps things on track.

The caller matches the dances to the occasion: experienced and energetic dancers might want a complicated dance with some fancy footwork, whereas a happy but slightly worse-for-wear wedding party will want something lively and simple that they can throw themselves into, sometimes quite literally. It's all good either way as far as we're concerned - the point is to enjoy it!

The tunes are played on fiddle, accordion, guitar, flute, and more, with a band to fit the occasion - a five piece with bass and drums for a big event, or a duo or trio for a smaller party. The music is a mix of Irish and Scottish tunes but we like to throw in the occasional exotic piece - a Polish Klezmer tune among the polkas, perhaps...

It's the perfect way to turn your wedding or party into a night to remember!