The right words

Is there something important that you have to write? Do you feel anxious about getting it right? Or are you in a complicated situation in which it's hard to say what you really mean? Maybe I can help...

I offer a fully confidential service to help you to write exactly what you mean, in just the right way for the person who will read it.

You might be faced with an important professional task - the perfect personal statement for your CV, an attention-grabbing introduction for a presentation, or a key piece of text for a grant application.

Or maybe you need help with something more personal: a sensiive message to a family member, or a heartfelt truth to cut through an emotional tangle.

I will meet with you and talk through your situation. Between us we will capture what you really mean, and find a way to say it in your own voice and with the right tone, so that you will be properly understood.

I am professional, sensitive, understanding and unshockable. I have written accurately, concisely and persuasively for a wide range of organisations and purposes, from private businesses to charities, trusts and schools. But I'm also a published poet with a passion for language, and I believe that words are magical things that can change your life.

If you are interested in this service, email me at and tell me what you need. I charge from £50 for a one hour session, which willl include preparation before we meet and writing time afterwards as required. I am happy to take on larger pieces of work including editing, copywriting and mentoring.